Private Owner - Wagon Buffer

Private Owner - Wagon Buffer

Product no.: 40161
Delivery weight: 4 g

Many pictures may be found in the works of Bill Hudson, volumes 1 to 4, and by Kieth Turton. However an excellent picture by Chris Green appears on the Midland and Great Northern website under the wagons section. As you can see this is the Colman's Mustard van built in 1908 by Harrison amd Camm of Rotherham. It is believed to be the van which was in the Clapham Museum when its measurements were used for the master of this particular buffer.

 It should be noted that where there is an end door in an open wagon, extra plates are fitted to the headstock so as to restrain the floor planks when discharging the load.

 In 1933, the Railway Clearing House design was published in its variations, which we now stock elsewhere in these lists.  Never the less this style of buffer remained predominant for Private Owner wagons until Nationalisation, in 1947.

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