7mm Narrow Gauge

7mm Narrow Gauge

Our range of wagon kits for the DHR is by no means restricted to this railway - Similar wagons may be found on many of the world’s narrow gauge railways. But in particular these wagons provide any freelance model railway with a series of highly detailed and believable vehicles to suit most forms of general traffic. Nevertheless these kits are designed for ease of construction and should enable any modeller with a little experience, an opportunity to enter the world of soldered brass kits. See our page on basic kit construction for a general guide to building brass models.

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Product no.: 70101
The box van is very characteristic of the DHR’s post war freight operations - often travelling in fours. A number of these vans have been preserved and are used in special exhibition trains. One of their characteristics is the brakeman's platform and grab rail. A fully laden train would descend with a brakeman on each wagon, holding on precariously. A pull on the rope which was threaded though the eye in the centre of each wagon, indicated the need for a foot on the brake pedal!
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Product no.: 70102
Open wagons were used on the DHR to transport coal and building materials, and also for permanent way works. But they were phased out as road transport took over. Never the less one wagon has been preserved, and this kit is modelled on it.
Product no.: 70104
The bogie vans were originally ordered by the DHR in 1914. They had rolltop roofs. However by 1940 the roofs started to be replaced with corrugated iron. By 1965 9 of these vans remained in service. In 2000, 2 bodies remained as storage facilities.
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Product no.: 70106

These are standard throughout the DHR, although the coach bogies are slightly different. These bar frame bogies are of a type common on many narrow gauge railways, and thus they are being sold seperately for freelance and modellers of other companies.

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