Wagon Lever Brakes for 9ft wheelbase

Wagon Lever Brakes for 9ft wheelbase

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The side lever operated wagon brakes required by the Railway employment Act of 1900 were standardised by the Railway Clearing House (RCH) in 1911. At that time all future wagons were to have a brake lever on the right hand end, of each side. However many singled sided brakes were still in use by 1928. Although there were variations, particularly amongst the Railway Companies, Private Owner mineral wagons generally fell into 2 types. Those with bottom doors had independent brakes on each side. Whereas those without bottom doors used the Moreton design whereby there was a cross shaft which pushed the brakes on directly from one lever and via a cam to reverse the action on the opposite side. The 1889 RCH specification limited the wheelbase of coal wagons to a maximum of 9ft, and this was followed through to the end of Private Owner Coal wagons. Hence this brakegear will suit nearly all such wagons which used 3ft diameter wheels, both of 00 gauge and of EM and P4. The only other concern might be the possible variation in the solebar depth which can be 9ins (usually iron or steel), or 10 and 12 inch timbers. The deeper solebars may require packing between the brakehangers and the wagon floor. Finally it should be noted that unlike some Company wagons, the centre height of the brake cross shaft and Vee hangers was at the same height as the wheel centres.


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