DCII & DCIII brakes for 9ft wheelbase (GWR)

DCII & DCIII brakes for 9ft wheelbase (GWR)

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There are two etches which provide the brackets, (either used in line at one end, or one at each end, depending on type) together with wire to form the crosshaft. The distinctive toothed quadrant is centrally mounted on the crosshaft (and in the case of the DCIII is linked by a rod to the crosshaft at the opposite end. This is formed from brass wire with etched rod ends. The actuating mechanism consists of a further rod from the quadrant to the central crosshaft which hangs from the Vee hangers. This shaft also carries a lever to locate with the piston of the vacuum brake cylinder where fitted. The wire for this with the forked rod end is also supplied. The Vee hangers do not line up with the wheel centres as is more common, so kits (including the torsion sprung wagon chassis) should have the Vee hangers replaced with those in this kit. The brake blocks and push rods are made up from 4 laminations folded up from 2 components. This is easily done by using a steel dressmaker's pin in the centre, and two short lengths offine wire through the brake blocks. Using either solder paint or liquid flux and a tinned iron the assemble can be simply made as one, so that the central pin can be removed and the assembly positioned on the crosshaft.

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