Commode Rail (Handrail) Brackets


Commode Rail (Handrail) Brackets

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This etching is intended to reproduce the brackets on GWR 'Toad' brakevans.  However as some customers have found they have much wider uses.  For example they are sold within the packets of Milk Tanker straps, so as to form the solebar brackets for the strap ends.

The etchings may be used singly or doubled.  Care should be taken to trim the tags close to the tapered spike  (where else could we tag the etching?.They are inserted into 1mm dia holes drilled into the side of the body.  A touch of superglue is then applied with a pin, and allowed to draw into the hole where it will set (not instantly) around the spike of the bracket.  A steady hand will be rewarded.

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