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Our new site is presently under construction.  When finished you will be taken straight to it from this address and I hope that you will find it  eassier and more direct to use. But it will have all the information that you require to understand and fit our components.  However I can't wait to yell you about two of our new lines in particular.  The first of these is the Chatham Turntable mechanism.   Chatham Toys and Models is an American firm, run by a New Zealander.  Peter Sainsbury has been working with models for over 40 years, his main interest being trading in historic and tinplate models - particularly live steam.  He has his own workshop, and enjoys making mechanisms and working models.

I met Peter about 18 months ago at the London Festival of Model Railways.  From my own past experiences I could see that Peter had a great product, but one which needed a bit more development to bring it to the market.  I have worked with him since and we have made a few changes, as well as working out how we might bring it to the market.  In the coming months we shall be publicising this through the magazines and shows.  We showed this at Scaleforum recently and sold out of our initial stock.  A few lessons were learnt but we left the show very elated with the interest  it created.  Not every modeller needs a turntable, nor has this come at the right time in the construction of their layouts.  But we believe that this machine will transform what has been a troublesome feature of model railways in the smaller scales.

The second new development has been to venture into the wider world of '0'  gauge.  After consulting a number of respected modellers I have made some prototypes (used in its correct meaning) of the suspension plate and wheelbase jig system.  These are out for evaluation, and in the next few weeks will appear on this site.  I am very pleased with the performance.

Hubert Carr


PS. Do come and meet me at one of the Exhibitions which I shall be attending.