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If you have had difficulty reaching our site during the last 8 months or so, then I am pleased that you have returned.  For details of the story please visit the News page.  I am now in the process of updating the site with all my new products.  But in short, pretty well everything is now in stock, depite what it may say.  I shall also be adding lots more instruction sheets and photographs.  Please enjoy your visit to the site - you don't have to read it all at once.  


Our products are for modellers who wish to improve their wagons and coaches, either kits,ready to run or scratchbuilt.  We try to make everything easy to build, and assume that you have two left hands and wear woolly gloves.


In addition to our range of conversions etc. for 4mm scale (00, EM, and P4 standards) I now offer the very fine range of Edwardian Figures in 4mm scale.  These whitemetal castings are unpainted but come with notes on the fashions and colours of their age.


In 7mm scale (1:43) I produce kits for the wagons of the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway.  This World Heritage sponsored line in India climbs over 7,000 ft in 50 miles, and is still operated by steam.  The models are designed for 00 gauge track.  I am now working on models of the coaches, and plans are being drawn up for the 'B' Class Locomotives.


As I have always said, please look at my list of shows and come and see me - even if you only want to say hello.

(There will inevitably be some errors on the site - a friendly note of such would be appreciated!)

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Category 1 -- 4mm scale - 3 different wagon suspension systems;

Category 2 -- Wagon brakes and extras for kit improvements, Ratio Iron Mink etc. and jigs for roof rainstrips;

Category 4 -- Coach underframe system and bogie frames with swing link suspension;

Category 5 -- The Edwardian Collection - 4mm scale whitemetal figures and animals;

Category 6 -- 7mm scale Narrow Gauge - Wagons of the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway